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Prom Flowers Testimonial

"Here is a picture of the most spectacular flowers I have ever seen! Thank you so much, you exceeded my hopes for my daughter's prom!!! In all honesty the flowers were even more breath-taking in person! The colors were amazing and they were so worth every penny! Thanks again." -Sara A.
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Hot Flower Trends for June Here At The Flower Shoppe in Blaine, MN

Here's the latest best selling flowers here at The Flower Shoppe:

1. Exclusive "Funny Girl" rose
2. "Moondust" purple carnations
3. Pink pincushion protea from Australia

Stop in today, or call us for your order. We always appreciate your business. (763) 784-2536

Best Professional Lice Removal Service in the Twin Cities - Nitpickerz

We can't say enough great things about the lice removal treatments provided at Nitpickerz lice salon. Angie Anderson is a true lice lady, she knows her stuff. They are just awesome at removing lice! We are related to the owner Tom over there. If you are looking for lice treatments done by hand, then try them out. You can find them online Nitpickers Lice Removal Salon

Fresh Purple Lavender Roses - In Stock Fresh Today

Our special lavender-tone roses. Very popular for Mother's Day and Weddings.

Hot Pink & Lavender Roses - Fresh Today

Look What Fresh Flowers Just Came In Today

We just adore these Hot Pink roses and the subtle purple lavender tones.

Our roses are way better than what you'd get at a grocery store- ours last 3x longer. That's why you pay more! You know the old saying "you get what you pay for." It's so true with the flower industry.

For the freshest, longest lasting flowers, come to us here at The Flower Shop in Blaine, MN

Insider Secret! Why The Heck Pay More For Flowers From A Florist As Opposed To Flowers From A Grocery Store or Wholesale Club?

Aren't you just paying way too much at a florist for "The Exact Same Thing?!"

Actually, no.

It's all about freshness baby!

Here's the difference in a nutshell:
A rose is cut early in the morning at our flower farm out on the coast. That rose is sent same-day air to The Flower Shoppe here in Blaine, we literally have it in our cooler within hours of picking up from the airport. We can smell the air from the flower farm when we open the rose boxes.  No joke, it's wonderful.

Our roses are so fresh, that they will last in a vase for over a week, sometimes almost 2 to 3 weeks! Can you get 2 weeks of beauty from roses you buy at a grocery store or super chain? There's no way!

When you consider the cost, ours come out CHEAPER by the day, than it cost for buying roses at a grocer. Seriously, do the math and test it out.

The Flower Shoppe, (763) 784-2536

Bells of Ireland Flowers - Fresh In Our Cooler Today - The Flower Shoppe of Blaine MN

We just got in some beauties, Belles of Ireland flower stems. These are just dandy for St. Patrick's Day and ideal for using in bouquets to add an airy feeling. Stop in today or call us today at our Blaine MN Florist location at (763) 784-2532