Friday, March 3, 2017

Insider Secret! Why The Heck Pay More For Flowers From A Florist As Opposed To Flowers From A Grocery Store or Wholesale Club?

The Flower Shoppe

Aren't you just paying way too much at a florist for "The Exact Same Thing?!"

Actually, no.

It's all about freshness baby!

Here's the difference in a nutshell:
A rose is cut early in the morning at our flower farm out on the coast. That rose is sent same-day air to The Flower Shoppe here in Blaine, we literally have it in our cooler within hours of picking up from the airport. We can smell the air from the flower farm when we open the rose boxes.  No joke, it's wonderful.

Our roses are so fresh, that they will last in a vase for over a week, sometimes almost 2 to 3 weeks! Can you get 2 weeks of beauty from roses you buy at a grocery store or super chain? There's no way!

When you consider the cost, ours come out CHEAPER by the day, than it cost for buying roses at a grocer. Seriously, do the math and test it out.

The Flower Shoppe, (763) 784-2536

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Bells of Ireland Flowers - Fresh In Our Cooler Today - The Flower Shoppe of Blaine MN

Bells of Ireland Flowers from The Flower Shop Florist in Blaine MN

We just got in some beauties, Belles of Ireland flower stems. These are just dandy for St. Patrick's Day and ideal for using in bouquets to add an airy feeling. Stop in today or call us today at our Blaine MN Florist location at (763) 784-2532

Monday, February 20, 2017

Latest Floral Arrangement from The Flower Shoppe in Blaine MN

Floral arrangement by The Flower Shoppe in Blaine MN
One of our tabletop flower arrangements fresh from our flower cooler. Includes: Cherry Brandy Roses, seeded Eucalyptus, White garden roses, and Star of david. It smells AMAZING!
Stop in our flower shop in Blaine, or call us today (763) 784-2532

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Valentines Day Roses - Why They Cost So Much? - The Flower Shoppe

Red Valentines Day Roses Beautiful Order

February 14th. Valentines Day. The day when there are lines of men running out-the-door of our flower shop. Where they leave, carrying bundles of long stem red roses wrapped and often arranged in vases.

Cost Of Valentines Day Roses Vs. Other Days Of The Year


It actually isn't because the flower shop itself is gouging their customers. Far from it! It's actually an economic reason, and it's a fairly simple one. The law of supply and demand.

Friday, October 14, 2016

Autumn Fresh Flowers

Call us right now and have fresh fall flowers on your table over the weekend (763) 784-2536

Autumn is here in Blaine, Minnesota! The breezes are blowing, the trees are beginning to turn their colors. The shift from Summer has long since past us by and we are in the midst of the season change.
While everything is changing outside, there's a lot of things changing and yet staying the same here in our flower shop. The biggest changes are in some of the seasonal flowers that we have available. (Yes, of course we can get in just about any flower at any time of year) but the difference with something that is in season is that they are less expensive and they usually just feel right for the season. Ya know?!
Right now is the time for mums. Big majestic mums with bold jewel tones are just stunning.
It's also a great time of year for sunflowers and daisy-type flowers.

What hasn't changed in our fresh flower coolers is that we always have roses, and wonderful assorted greens, as well as pincushion protea and carnations. Some of the best carnations to use this time of year are the deep dark purple tones- mixed into a bouquet they are just divine enough to make us all want to purr with delight at their look.

Getting back to our earlier point- stop in or call us today and have a gorgeous bouquet of fresh flowers on your table over the weekend.

Halloween is coming up too- some spooky flowers might be just the thing to have on hand!