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Men's Sexiness Style Tip

Put a flower in your coat's button hole.

Not only will it signal that you pay attention to small details, it makes a great gesture to pull  out and give it away to someone you are admiring.

Dapper? Yes.
Sexy? You betcha!

Good Buttonhole Flowers for Men:

Mini carnations
Purple Statice

We have a cooler loaded with great flowers. Stop in and pick out some today.

Tip: How To Make Snapdragons Stand Straight & Rigid in a Vase

Like many long stemmed flowers, Snapdragons at times grow all curvy. (Which sometimes is a fun look)

There's a super simple trick to getting the stems to stand straight-as-a-board:

1. Clip off about two inches from the bottom of the stem and place in your vase of water.

2. Pinch off a nubbins from the top tip of the flower. (About a fourth inch.)

3. Let the stems soak in the water for a few hours. After that- you'll see how straight the stems become. It's magical!

We sell flowers from our coolers that you can take home and arrange yourself. Stop by today to get some.

Making Funeral Arragements in Anoka, MN

We've been making funeral flower arrangements for over 40 years.

It is truly an honored to take part in such a beautiful time of a families life- the celebration of a loved one's life and their passing.

It's important for us to make funeral flower arrangements that capture the spirit of your loved one. From colors to flower types and style. We do this by taking time with you to really make sure we know exactly what it is you are wanting to achieve with your flowers.
See more of our Funeral Flower Arrangements

10 Ways To Know You've Turned Into A Bridezilla

Weddings can be stressful -- we get it. You want everything to be perfect, and most brides like to call the shots when it comes to their special day. So how do you know when you've entered bridezilla territory?
You're Spending So Much Your Parents Will Have To Take Out  A 2nd Mortgage It's perfectly normal to want the best of everything for your wedding, right? Not really. If your parents are on a fixed income and you are expecting them to pay the bill, don't go for crystal candelabras and $125 per-person plated dinners. This can put you well on your way to becoming a bridezilla. You can have a great wedding without forcing your parents to take out a second mortgage. Scale it back do a buffet. People can mingle in line!
You're So Angry Before planning your wedding, you got along with everyone, but now friends and family all seem to have spontaneously transformed into insensitive jerks. Bad news for you... It's not them, it's you princess!
The Pict…

Men's Guide: For When You Order Flowers Online

You don't need to be a pro to order flowers like one. 
While we don't generally recommend ordering flowers online (but rather calling a flower shop directly as it will get you more bang for you buck) these tips are still applicable when ordering online if you have some ways of personalizing what you order. 
1. Tell the floral designer your budget. We've noticed a reluctance on the part of customers to divulge how much they are willing to spend as they seem to think a florist will take the money and run. This isn't the case at all. Most of the work at our Flower Shoppe is from referral, and we strive to do the best work at a fair price. Knowing your budget helps us get you the best flowers without wasting any time.
2. Give Some Ideas, Like Colors or Favorite Flowers, Then Let the Floral Designer Run with Them If you really want a "Wow!" tell the Flower Shoppe your budget, and then say I'd like to order a "Florist's choice" arrangement. Whic…

Tip To Make Drooping Roses Perk Back To Life

There is a trick to making roses that are drooping in a vase come back to life and perk up.

Dip the entire rose (bloom and stem) underwater and let it soak for awhile. This will re-hydrate the bloom and give it a longer vase life. You will want to completely shake the excess water off the petals though before returning the rose to a vase.

How To Test A Rose to See How Long It Will Last In A Vase Before You Buy It

Gently squeeze the rose bloom. If it feels loose, then it isn't fresh and will probably only last in a vase for a few days. If it is firm to your squeeze, it will last for upwards to a week or more.


A firm rose bloom is generally more hydrated than a loose one, giving it a longer vase life.

The Flower Shoppe is located in Blaine, MN and provides all kinds of flower services to customers in the area. Contact us today for your flower needs.

Where to Buy Funeral Flowers in Blaine, MN

Buying funeral flowers for a loved one can be a very healing/positive experience. The honor it shows the person is huge. Generally customers choose flowers and colors that the loved one liked. While it can be a sad time, it also can bring a smile of remembrance.

We've been offering funeral flower services for over 40 years, and we still get choked up at times when customers return to tell us about how the funeral flower arrangements we made were the perfect tribute to their loved one's life. We are so honored and pleased to be a part of this portion of people's journey through life.

See some of our Funeral Flower Arrangements

How Much Do Bridal Bouquets Cost?

We wish there was a very easy/simple answer to this question. But there isn't because pricing depends on the size and materials (flower types) used to create the bridal bouquet.

Size: The larger the bouquet, the more flowers needed to create it and the more time it takes to assemble.

Materials: A bouquet made up of daisy's is less expensive than a bouquet of exotic Orchids. To further complicate the pricing of flowers- the time of the year has a direct impact on the price of each flower type as some flowers are in season in July and others are in season in December. While it is possible to get just about any type of flower at any time of year, the flowers that aren't in season will cost way more than those that aren't because the one's that aren't in season require special growing and shipping, etc.

The first question we ask a bride is "What is Your Budget for Flowers?" We ask this because we can take a price point and know in moments what size and ty…

Where Do Flower Shops Get Their Flowers?

At our flower shop we get our flowers direct from the flower farmers around the world and have them shipped to us directly within hours of being cut. But this isn't how it is usually done.

Usually a huge amount of flowers are grown at the flower farm, then cut and a big portion of them is shipped to a wholesale warehouse flower seller in a big city where the flowers will sit in coolers for days (sometimes weeks) before florists will come in and buy some of the flowers wholesale. Then those florists take the flowers to their shops and put them in their coolers to sell them to you. Obviously by the time you are buying these flowers, the flowers have been cut and traveling for upwards to a week or more!

The Usual Path Flowers Take To Get To You:

Obviously you can't buy direct from a flower farm because you'd need to buy so many boxes and boxes of flowers for them to sell to you. Same with a wholesale warehouse, they only sell to florists.
We Remove the Middle Warehouse:


Should I Tell The Flower Shop My Budget?

Yes. Here's why: We aren't going to jack up our prices on you. And we won't waste your time by showing you bouquets that are way out of your price range.

Word of mouth spreads fast in this business, which is why we've been in business for over 40 years!
Why You Should Tell Us Your Flower Budget
While we can go over very specific pricing with you, it really is hard on our end to offer assistance without knowing what your budget is because it can be a great waste of time for You! This is because a florist can quickly glance at a list of flowers and know right away a general cost. If it's out of your budget, we can immediately tell you that and make other suggestions.
That is how we prefer to work at The Flower Shoppe. 
Instead of getting you specific pricing on each flower without knowing if it is even going to be something you'll want to spend the money on, it saves your time and our time.
(If you'd like to know more about flower pricing, here's a Flo…

Memorial Day History

When was Memorial Day first celebrated? 
Memorial day was first celebrated on May 30, 1868. Observed by placing flowers on graves of Union & Confederate soldiers during the first national celebration. General James Garfield gave a speech at Arlington National Cemetery. Following the speech, around 5,000 participants decorated the graves of the more than 20,000 Union and Confederate soldiers buried there.
Why is Memorial Day celebrated on May 30?

Three years after the Civil War ended, on May 5, 1868, the head of the Grand Army of the Republic (GAR) established Decoration Day as a time for the nation to decorate the graves of the war dead with flowers. Maj. Gen. John A. Logan declared that Decoration Day should be observed on May 30. This date was chosen because flowers would be in bloom all over the country.

Why Buy Flowers From A Floral Shop Versus A Grocery Store?

You find yourself pushing a shopping cart along the produce aisle, happily checking off your shopping list of fresh produce, when suddenly your nose and eyes come across lovely colorful blooms of flowers looking up at you seeming to say "Buy me, I'll make your table at home bright & cheery." You glance at the price, and it's a good one. So you take a bunch of flowers from the grocery store. Upon arriving home, you slip the flowers into a vase, set them on the table and smile down on their lovely little faces... faces that wilt within the next day and droop, dropping their petals all over your table. Why? Why did they fade and die so quickly? Well, because you didn't buy them fresh, that's why. Grocery store flowers aren't fresh. Read on and you'll find out why.

The Upsides Of Buying Flowers From a Grocery Store
Believe me, WE GET IT! It's so convenient to buy flowers from the grocery store. (We've done it ourselves a few times when we we…

Candles That Smell Manly & Masculine

Move over flowery scented candles. The men are taking over... Did you know that you can now buy the scent of saw dust or freshly mowed grass? You now can, thanks to Yankee Candle.

The South Deerfield company is coming out with what it calls Man Candles.

A press release describes them as “a line of scents inspired by and created uniquely for men” and “now all rooms in the home can have an attractive scent, even the basement, garage, man cave or an entire bachelor pad.”

There are four scents:

Man Town
“Escape to the man cave with this masculine blend of spices, woods and musk.”

First Down
“This combination of orange, patchouli, vetiver and leather is as exciting as game day.”

Riding Mower
“Hot sun. Cool breeze. And the intensely summery scent of freshly cut grass.”

2 x 4
“The warm, unmistakable scent of freshly planed wood and sawdust evokes a sense of confidence and quality.”

Memorial Day Flowers

Memorial Day is approaching. A great day to honor the loved one's that have gone before us.

We will have some ready-to-go flowers in our coolers for people to pick up quickly on Memorial day, as well as some special grave flower holders that stick into the ground.

"When we all get to Heaven, what a glorious day that will be!"

Honeysuckle Rose

Order your mom some roses for Mother's Day.

We carry a great variety of colors and sizes.

Call today to order (763) 784-2532

Honor Your Mom! Flowers Help Mark A Day as Special

Mother's Day is such a great time to give honor to your mom. We like to help make it special with flowers, as flowers mark the event as special. Setting it apart from the day to day.

See our wonderful selection of Mother's Day flower arrangements and order them.

Call today and order your Mom flowers (763) 784-2532
Beautiful orchid flowers arrangement for your mother on Mother's Day.

See our selection of Mom Day Flowers

Call & order yours today
(763) 784-2532

For Your Mom - Gorgeous Flowers

Order your Mom flowers for tomorrow!

See our selection of Mother's Day flowers

Call us today (763) 784-2532

Mother's Day Rose Varieties

We have wonderful rose colors and varieties to choose from for your Mother's Day flowers. 

From our Honeysuckle rose to our Snow White rose. See our selection of Mothers Day Flowers

Call & order your Mother's Day Flowers Today 
(763) 784-2532

Tropical Exotic flowers for Mom

If your mother loves traveling and reading about far away places, this arrangement just might be for her!

Call & order one today (763) 784-2532

Purple Mother's Day Flowers

Our Purple rose filled "Martha" style arrangement #Gm0016
If your mom likes Purple, this is it!

Call & order one today (763) 784-2532

A Mother's Day Twist - exotic Tropical Flowers

Tropical flowers for Mothers Day is totally awesome! See all of our Mother's Day Flowers

Call & order some today (763) 784-2532

Ohhhh La La - Hot Mother's Day Flowers

Our Gm0018 Hot Colored flower arrangement for a trendy contemporary mom!

Call & order one today (763) 784-2532

Mother's Day Flower Arrangement

Our Impressive sized Mother's Day arrangement Gi0003 measures 3 feet tall by 3 feet wide. It's wonderful!

Mother's Day Flowers - Get More Bang for your Buck

To get the most impressive flower arrangement for your hard earned money, order direct from a flower shop in your mom's city.

Say your mother lives in Blaine, Minnesota. You'd log into Google and do a search for "Blaine, Minnesota Florist" and glance over what florists have a store located in the city. By calling a flower shop directly, you cut out middle men like 1-800 flowers, FTD, and Teleflora.

When you cut out the middle men, that money can then be used on more flowers in the arrangements!

At The Flower Shoppe, we don't do middle-men. Contact us today and get the most bang for your buck on Mom's day flowers.

(763) 784-2532

Flashback to The Blaine Spring Lake Park News Article

The Flower Shoppe moves up the street to Blaineby Elyse Kaner, Staff Writer She's on her customers' speed dials. Those who have cheated on her come back and swear they'll never do it again. Some fear she has gone out of business.
But Mary Lou Box's The Flower Shoppe remains a constant in the Twin Cities northern suburbs.
Last summer, in her 40th year of operation, Box moved her popular business one block north to 86th and Central Avenue in Blaine from her former location on Spring Lake Park by Nicklow's Cafe & Bar.
The move affords her better visibility on Highway 65. Plus she has gone from 2,218 square feet to more than 2,600 square feet.
"I love it. Isn't it nice?" Box says, at her new shop as she gestures to her surroundings, a fragrant and floral wonderland dressed in holiday finery.
Still, she longs for a little more space for her vast inventory. For an office.

Not the usual shop

Box's store isn't the usual flower shop. Her l…

Classy Mother's Day Idea: A Corsage

A lovely thing to do is to get Mom a corsage to wear all day on Mother's Day. It's classy, elegant, and announces to everyone that she's got the best kids ever!

For more ideas & to order your flowers contact us today
(763) 784-2532

Mother's Day Gift Idea: Give A Themed Gift Basket

Of course Mom will tell you that being loved by her family is all she could ever need or require on Mother's Day. Great to know that Mom's consistent! But the fact remains, this is the one day of year to celebrate Mom officially, so let's make sure it is an enjoyable and memorable occasion for her!

Give Her A Great Gift Basket Fill it up with theme items.
For the Tea Lover: Include two mugs, three varieties of tea and a jar of honey.

For the Baker: Include some new cookie cutters, sprinkles, a special spatula, and icing tubes.
The ideas are endless!

For the Salad Lover: Salad tongs or servers, cheese grater, wave slicer, egg slicer, small bottle of olive oil, flavored vinegar, pouches of dressing mix or seasonings, napkins, and 2 to 4 salad bowls.

Add Flowers Of course flowers make a great stand-alone gift. But flowers can be added to any gift you give. Especially gift baskets.

We love adding in a vase of fresh flowers to a gift basket, it makes it so special and uniqu…

Tips for consumers buying flowers on Mothers Day: Like the Post Office, Your Local Florist Always Delivers

Florists endure lack of sleep, aching backs and numb appendages when creating flower arrangements for high-volume holidays. But it’s all worth it when they see the happiness their floral creations deliver.

Blaine, Minnesota, Tuesday May 8:  Mother’s Day is coming up—which means all of the florists in town are bleary eyed and in need of a serious caffeine fix. That’s because, for the week leading up to the holiday, these artistic retailers have been preparing for hundreds of orders destined for deliveries throughout the area.
Mary Lou Box, Owner of The Flower Shoppe (Blaine), explains: “We start preparing months in advance, anticipating what the popular styles and trends will be. Depending on how busy we expect to be, we may place orders for flowers several months in advance. And as we get closer to the holiday, it gets more and more hectic. After all, we’re dealing with fresh flowers, which need special care and handling to make sure they will last as long as possible for our customers…

Mother's Day Gift Idea Tip: Give a Gift Based on Hobby or Interests

Since being practical has become an essential for many of us, why give a gift just for the sake of giving? Who wants a gift that may never be used? Buy instead based on what they like to do, be it crafts, fishing, reading, cooking, baking and so on.

Gifts that satisfy their interests mean so much more. Theme gifts are appreciated and enjoyed - they'll also thank you for it, over and over again.