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Summer Wedding Bouquet Trend - Bright Color

Summer bridal bouquets are all about bright splashes of color. This doesn't mean that all of the flowers need to be in the warm color pallete. Such as red, orange, and hot pink. Not at all. Bright colors include lime greens, purples, and sky blues.

What we see are pairings of colors that nearly scream with delight. Hot pinks paired with burning bright orange. Or lime green next to canary yellow. Intense? Yes! Color color color.

See colorful bridal bouquets

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Bulk Flowers MN

If you are searching for where to buy flowers in bulk that is open to the general public, you've found it.

We are The Flower Shoppe located in Blaine, MN. We sell flowers in bulk to the general public. You don't have to be a "member" to get our wholesale rates.

We do have 3 requirements though to order our bulk flowers online though.  It's fairly simple to order from us, but takes a few minutes to read, so hopefully you'll bear with us as we explain the process. It will save us and you time when you order.

How to Order Bulk Flowers Online or Offline from Us

There's three things that we require to order bulk flowers from us. 

1. We require bulk flower orders to be over $150.00.

2. In addition to that we only are able to provide pricing on our bulk flowers within 30 days of the day you will be picking them up. We realize this isn't doable for everyone, but the reason we can't give out pricing too far in advance is because we honestly don't know …

DIY Wedding Flowers - How To Get Buckets of Bulk Wedding Flowers For The Least Amount Of Money - The Flower Shoppe

For the Do-It-Yourself bride in the Twin Cities area, we offer wholesale flowers.

Here's our all time most popular option for brides seeking to get the most flowers for the least amount of money.

This option isn't for everyone as you have to be open to a sort of "grab-bag" approach to the flowers.

How It Works: 
A bride comes to us, tells us her colors, budgets, and the day she is picking up the flowers. Then leaves the details up to us. What we do is contact our growers and get the best prices on flowers in those colors. As we don't care so much about the type of flower, but mainly the color, we are able to get buckets full of flowers for your wedding at great prices. The bride comes in on the selected pick-up day and usually brings a large vehicle to fit all the buckets into to transport to her wedding event location where she and her girlfriends will be using the flowers to decorate with.

We've been in business for over 40 years and this by far remains the…

Wholesale Flowers Twin Cities - The Flower Shoppe

At The Flower Shoppe, we provide wholesale flowers to the Twin City Metro Area.

Ordering wholesale flowers from us isn't as easy as ordering flowers retail. The reason is that we require a few things first of you, the customer. Wholesale flowers aren't for everyone.

What You Need To Buy Wholesale Flowers From Us in The Twin Cities:
Budget, we require that wholesale orders be over $150 dollarsEvent Date, we only provide wholesale pricing to customers needing the flowers within 30 days. We can't provide any pricing past 30 days as we don't know what the prices are that far in advance. For more info on how pricing work, read our Wholesale Flower Pricing blog post  A List of Flowers, we need a list of the flowers types & colors you are looking for If you fit those three requirements, then call us now and get wholesale flowers for your event.
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How Much Do Orchid Stems Cost Wholesale? - The Flower Shoppe in Blaine

We were asked via email this morning how much it would cost for 50 stems of orchids. A mother wanted to make Orchid Leis for a graduation party. (Which we think is a great idea!)

The thing is with Orchids, they are expensive here in our part of the country. Not so expensive in California and Hawaii as they are so profuse there.

Regular retail of a single stem of a Dendrobium Orchid is around $7 per stem. Wholesale rates can get the rate to go down a couple dollars or so, depending on how many one orders. The more you order, the more the price per stem goes down.

It all comes down to what your budget is for the project and how many leis you'd want to make.

Wholesale is a great way to get a lot of flowers. Though it isn't for everyone. At our Flower Shoppe, we require a minimum order of $150 of wholesale merchandise to even get the wholesale rate.

Hopefully this isn't too confusing. Pricing on wholesale items fluctuates too from week to week. The reason for this is that we …

Local Flower Delivery Service

The Flower Shoppe, located in Blaine, MN delivers to the Twin Cities Area.

Nearby cities that we deliver flower arrangements to include: Spring Lake Park, Anoka, Mounds View, Columbia Heights, St. Anthony, Lino Lakes, Brooklyn Park, Brooklyn Center, & Minneapolis. We are a full service florist, providing flowers for many occasions.

See our flowers for delivery

Wholesale Wedding Flower Email Question & Answer - The Flower Shop


I am interested in purchasing a few varieties of flowers. 
My sister is getting married in Saint Paul Mn late May 2013 and I'm not from the state. 
I know the flower types and rough count, If you could give me an estimate on what you charge I would greatly appreciate it! 

Akito and bird song white roses-300
Oriental lily white
Asiatic lily white
Lavender hydrangeas
White hydrangeas
Mini purple calla lily
Variegated pittosporum 

Thank you!


Hello Mandy,

A very rough ball-park figure would be around $700 - $1,000 from just eye balling the list of flowers. This number could be lower or higher, give or take a couple hundred dollars depending on the season. 

We aren't able to give out exact quotes that far in advance though because unlike most flower shops, we order our flowers direct from the grower. The prices fluctuate from week to week and depending on which flow…

Burial Urn Flowers - Flowers For Cremation Urn

Having flowers surround burial urns adds a touch of color.

We are honored to be a part of the celebration of you loved one's life. Our cremation urns floral arrangements are each made by hand, and personalized with colors and flowers that you choose. We always suggest choosing colors and flowers that your loved one enjoyed. A way to add some of their personailty around the funerary urn. 

For your urns funeral consider us. See our flowers for cremation urns

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How Ordering Wholesale Flowers Works - A Recent Email Response

Yes, you can order flowers for a pick-up date at our shop location.

We need to know your budget and an idea of the types of flowers you are thinking of getting.

For our wholesale flowers we don't have a pricing guide because we source our flowers direct from the growers and the prices fluctuate weekly and as we are a small family owned shop, we don't have the man-power to do a weekly price guide.
As your event is within 30 days we should be able to get a good idea of the cost from our growers.
Once you let me know your budget and an idea of what types of flowers you are thinking, we'll be able to eyeball it and tell you right away if your budget is on track, talk to our growers, and even make some suggestions if something is out of season and such.

The Flower Shoppe
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DIY Wedding Flowers, Get Buckets of Blooms For Your Event

If you aren't too picky, this is a great option to get beautiful flowers for your wedding.

We've been selling buckets full of flowers to DIY brides for years.

How It Works: 
Let us know your budget and your colors.
We will get together some buckets full of flowers for you to use on tables and however you want in your wedding.

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Bride Bouquet Wedding Flower Idea: Round - The Flower Shop

Rounded in shape, these bouquets give the impression of a perfect sphere. Literally a ball of roses and beautiful wedding flowers.

We've done many weddings over our 40 years of business, and these lovely rounded shape bouquets are always very popular. The colors change from year to year, but the shape stays the same. From champagne tones to bold hot neon vibrance.

See some additional wedding flower ideas

Wonderful Funeral Homes in the Twin Cities of Minnesota That Facilitate Funeral Arrangements

We've been in the flower business for over 40 years, and during that time have had many great interactions with funeral directors that provide wonderful funeral arrangements. We want to give a list of them to you, in case you are searching for a funeral home.

Kozlak Radulovich
The Cremation Society of Minnesota
Billman Hunt Funeral Chapel
Kessler and Maguire Funeral Home
Kok Funeral Home
Miller Funeral Home

Order Funeral Wreaths

Ordering funeral flower wreaths from us is simple. Just call.

See all of our funeral wreaths

We do many funeral flower arrangements in the Minneapolis, Minnesota area.

We are honored to be a part of the celebration of a loved one's life. Using our florist skills to assist you in having the flowers display some of the personality of your loved one, from flower type to flower color.

In addition to the Heart shaped wreath that you can see through, we have heart shaped funeral wreaths that are a solid heart. A shown in the photo here.

We have funeral sympathy wreaths in heart shapes, ovals & circles, as well as what we call a Standing Easel Flower Sprays.

All of our flower wreaths and flower hearts are good for displaying during a wake and funeral service, and with a little water and care, can last well into the following week.

We offer delivery of our funeral flowers to the Twin Cities metro area, including Minneapolis, St. Paul, Moundsview, Blaine, Anoka, Spring Lake Park, an…

What Flowers Are Edible? What Flowers Can You Eat? - Flower Shop in Anoka, MN

These are just a sampling of the flowers that you can use in salads and as garnish. We recommend that you only eat flowers that you have grown as they will not have been sprayed or dipped in pesticides. 

Bachelors Button
Squash & Pumpkin Flowers

Wedding Florist - The Flower Shoppe

We've been in business for over 40 years, during that time we've provided flowers for numerous weddings. We love it, as it's such a milestone in a person's life. We are honored to be a little part of making it special and beautiful.

Here's what we tell our brides they need in order to get the best wedding flowers:

1. Bridesmaid dresses. 
Without these chosen, it's nearly pointless to try and figure out your flowers as color becomes a central point with the flowers. So first focus on your dresses, then your flowers.

2. Shape Ideas
By this we mean to do some looking around in magazines and online. What shape/style bouquets do you like. What don't you like? Clip out cutting and print off pictures. This will give us a wonderful point of reference while working with you on your bridal bouquets and reception flowers. 

3. Budget
While it may seem smart to not disclose how much money you want to spend on flowers until after you get a quote... it isn't. Florists…

Flower Shipping and Delivery in Twin Cities

Unfortunately we don't provide shipping outside of the Twin Cities metro area. Actually we hand deliver our flowers, we don't technically ship them.

We've noticed a lot of inquiries lately for shipping our flowers out of state so we just wanted to let you know that we only deliver flowers in the Twin Cities. Thanks!

Flower Delivery - Florist in Blaine, MN

We provide floral delivery to the Twin Cities metro area of Minnesota.

Specifically we are a florist in Blaine, MN. Making us neighbors to Anoka, Spring Lake Park, and Mounds View, MN.

If you reside out of Minnesota, rest assured that we have been in business for over 40 years! Part of the reason people keep returning to us for their flower delivery needs is that we provide so much more bang for your buck. Our floral arrangements are bigger than anyone else's for the same cost. That and we really love our florist job.

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Funeral Flowers Honoring the Person's Personality

We know a funeral is such an important part of honoring one's life, we are so pleased to be allowed into this part of one's life.

We had a family come to us with a drum, asking us to work it into the casket flowers for their son's funeral. This is a photo of the result. We were happy with it and the family smiled when they saw it.

We very much enjoy doing custom flower work, especially for funerals when the work has so much meaning behind it.

"I can't thank you enough for the beautiful flower arrangements you made for my mom's funeral. Your kindness and your generosity will always be remembered. I had passed your flower shop for years without ever knowing you were there. I live off 99th and Central and will be coming to your shop for all my floral needs. I have also told all my family and friends about your beautiful flowers. Thank you again."
-Anita M.

Hot Wedding Bouquet Trend 2012-2013

Want a brazen way to make a statement with your wedding flower bouquets? If you answered yes, then this style trend is for you.

Bold color stands out with these monochromatic bouquets. What makes it so special is the use of different flowers for each. Lending texture and style. We've done them in Lime Green bouquets, flaming orange in the Autumn, and periwinkle blue in the spring. It's endless and beautiful.

See some more of our bridal flowers

Bridal Bouquets For Your Wedding, Style: Round - The Flower Shoppe in Anoka, MN

We sell these rounded wedding bouquets like mad! These bride bouquets have a clean design and easy-to-carry style. It's no wonder we sell so many of them.

Sending Flowers Lets Them Know You Love Them

Unique Rose Type- Abracadarbra Rose - The Flower Shoppe Blaine

There's no doubt about it, our Abracadabra Rose is a show stopper! The dark red velvet petals are striped/speckled with bright yellow streaks. It's magical. Hence the name.

The size of the rose head is smaller, coming closer to a spray rose than a tea rose.

It looks wonderful mixed in with Red and Yellow rose bouquets. 

We use this variety of rose many times in men's boutonnieres and in wedding floral bouquets. Also, it makes very cool and unusual flower arrangements. 

See more of our Rose Varieties