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Guys - How To Order Prom Corsage Flowers for Your Date

Hello Men,

There is something sexy and gallant about a man ordering and knowing his way around flowers. 
So if you want to score some points in the romance department, order your date a gorgeous corsage for prom. 
A few things to keep in mind are what your date likes. Such as colors and even if your date has favorite flowers. Sometimes it's those extra little touches to acknowledge that will make your date melt!
Ordering a prom corsage is simple. Here's how you do it: Ask your date what color clothing they'll be wearing to the Prom Call us, or stop in our shop, to order your prom corsage. And tell us what colors your date will be wearing. (You can even take a look in our cooler and pick out a flower to include in the corsage which will win you some extra points with your date!) Have your credit card or cash ready as we require payment when you place your order.Visit our shop the day of your prom & pick up your order. It'll be boxed and ready for you to present to y…

Prom Corsage Flowers in Blaine MN

We've got 'em. The most beautiful hand-made prom corsage flowers for your prom date. Of course we will sell them to anyone that will buy them, but we seem to get the most business from Anoka, Blaine, Spring Lake Park, and Mounds View high school proms. 
Each corsage is hand-made to your specifications. No two are exactly alike. So you know that you won't be giving your date one that another girl will be wearing at the dance. We take the time to match the color of your girlfriend's dress. We even have boutonnieres for you! Call us now to order a corsage that she will love (763) 784-2532

My 5 Best Wedding Photo Tips Ever - by Pro Wedding Photographer Michelle Tverberg

We are so happy to have a guest post by Photographer Michelle Tverberg.

1. Take Your Wedding Photos Before the Ceremony
A bride is no longer locked in seclusion for fear of passing ill luck to the groom if he sees her before the wedding. You'll avoid rushed photos, and impatient guests by having the portraits taken before the ceremony. Of course, you ought to make it special when the bride & groom first see each other.  Ensure that the photographer is there capturing the romance & energy of these intimate moments.
2. Avoid a Thorny Situation, Ask Your Florist for an Extra Corsage
Just in case one gets broken or marred.  Also, it’s definitely worth the extra service fee to have the florist stay and ensure all flowers are pinned on and perfect. (Or perhaps a single female relative that would like the idea of getting close …

Sea Holly

A sea-side growing perennial flower with leathery and spiny leaves that act like thistle. Their purple and silver tones are stunning. Sea Holly's cone-shaped flowers heads are deep blue or purple. It was originally grown in Asia and Europe. 
Vase life is average to good, usually 7-14 days. 
It's said in the book Myths and Legends of Flowers, Trees, Fruits, and Plants in All Ages and All Climes by Charles Montgomery Skinner, page 108, says that it used to be believed that if you concealed Sea Holly in your pocket and thought about the one you loved that it would bind that person to you like bands of steel bind things together. Which would be very challenging to continue to do for very long, because of the needle-like quality of the leaves. Which would surely be felt through the fabric of your pocket to your skin. Ouch!