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Sea Holly

A sea-side growing perennial flower with leathery and spiny leaves that act like thistle. Their purple and silver tones are stunning. Sea Holly's cone-shaped flowers heads are deep blue or purple. It was originally grown in Asia and Europe. 

Vase life is average to good, usually 7-14 days. 

It's said in the book Myths and Legends of Flowers, Trees, Fruits, and Plants in All Ages and All Climes by Charles Montgomery Skinner, page 108, says that it used to be believed that if you concealed Sea Holly in your pocket and thought about the one you loved that it would bind that person to you like bands of steel bind things together. Which would be very challenging to continue to do for very long, because of the needle-like quality of the leaves. Which would surely be felt through the fabric of your pocket to your skin. Ouch!


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